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18 January 2013 @ 12:02 pm
If I Build It, Would They Come?  
If I were to start a DW community* specifically for feminist** fans of BBC Sherlock:

1) Would you join?
2) Would you participate in, say, weekly discussion posts?
3) Would you be willing to occasionally lead discussion posts?
4) Do you think sherlocked_feminists is a decent name? (I tried to pick one that made clear that the central fannish object is the BBC iteration, not the others--the comm as I envision it wouldn't be hostile to fans of the broader canon, but would specifically be intended for BBC!verse fans.)
5) And should I actually title it Angry Feminists Having Accidental Feels About BBC Sherlock? (to solve the Whose Face Are We Having Feels About Today problem.)

* keep in mind that the experience of [community profile] philedom suggests I am not the world's best community mod, though my intentions are always good.

** with all the caveats that it's not a term everyone identifies with, and that the comm rules would make it clear that it's a broad category, and also that the relevant feminism would be intersectional (e.g., anti-racist, anti-homophobic, anti-transphobic, anti-classist, etc).

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memories_childmemories_child on January 18th, 2013 05:23 pm (UTC)
1) Yes
2) I would do my best to
3) Yes
4) Yes
5) Hell yes
Amal Nahurriyeh: sherlock couchamalnahurriyeh on January 18th, 2013 06:56 pm (UTC)
#5, all the way. LET'S GO, BABY. :)
memories_childmemories_child on January 18th, 2013 07:08 pm (UTC)
maybe_amandamaybe_amanda on January 18th, 2013 08:55 pm (UTC)
Would it be wrong of me to ask 'why?' as in 'to what end?'*

*Probably, but I've been wrong enough before that I'm now rather good at it.

Edited at 2013-01-18 08:55 pm (UTC)
Amal Nahurriyeh: sherlock couchamalnahurriyeh on January 18th, 2013 09:38 pm (UTC)
Not wrong!

Basically, to provide a place to talk about What's Wrong With This Canon that's also a place to talk about How We Love This Canon. I mean, like, an organized public space that's not my journal. Because there's this tension, right? Between "I have many feels about this show" and "I want to draw hearts around these characters" and "holy shit that is a fucked up thing" and "hey that level of character hate for Molly and/or Sally is A Bit Not Good." And, because my snarky "in the fandom but scared of the fandom" tag got a bunch of "OMG ME TOOOOOOO" comments.

Edited at 2013-01-18 09:38 pm (UTC)
(Deleted comment)
Amal Nahurriyeh: sierraamalnahurriyeh on January 19th, 2013 05:34 pm (UTC)
Heh, it would definitely be fun to have occasional hangers-on! :)
amyhitamyhit on January 19th, 2013 03:53 am (UTC)
Um, if I can manage to remember my DW password so that I can actually log in to my account, then I'd definitely join. If not, then I'd definitely still drop by on at least a semi-regular basis to see what was going on. I would also probably comment on stuff, but I can't say how frequently.

sherlocked_feminists seems like a good comm name, and I definitely enjoy Angry Feminists Having Accidental Feels About BBC Sherlock as a title. *g*
Amal Nahurriyeh: sherlock couchamalnahurriyeh on January 19th, 2013 05:36 pm (UTC)
I think I'd definitely want to set up a feed on LJ, so people who are here primarily would be able to know when there are new posts. You should be able to reset your password, if nothing else!

On the DW mirror of this, there is an active conversation about whether the term "sherlocked" can be reclaimed or whether the attempt is too illegible and problematic. This is why I love my internet friends.