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05 November 2009 @ 04:15 pm
Machines Of Freedom: Header Post  

"Men have dreamed of liberating machines. But there are no machines of freedom, by definition."
-Michel Foucault: Space, Power, Knowledge

Title: Machines of Freedom
Author: Amal Nahurriyeh (amalnahurriyeh, amalnahurriyeh@gmail.com)
Illustrator: Scooly (scooly42, welost9minutes)
Summary: The end of the world is coming. And they're doing everything in their power to stop it.
Pairing: On the gen/MSR border, with mentions of slash pairings.
Rating: R (non-explicit sex, language, adult subjects)
Warnings: None for major triggers, but includes some descriptions of violence (in a R-rated movie kind of way). There are also people under the age of 15 in this story; be forewarned.
Timeline/Spoilers: Post-IWTB, seasons 8 & 9 compatible; exists in my post-IWTB universe, which also includes Whiteboard, The Keeping of Secrets, and Five Times Mosley Drummy Wishes He Never Met Fox Mulder, but not necessary to have read those first.

Written for xf_bigbang 2009.

Amal says, "I want to thank idella, my trusty beta, for falling as in love with this story as I did over the past four months, for helping me keep it on track, and for convincing me Consortium is a proper noun; Aloysia Virgata, who did an late-stage second reading that was very helpful, and also for permanently changing the way I think of the word "swipe" in the context of the X-Files; and for sixpences and scullyseviltwin, for helping to make up for my lack of knowledge about sports with bats in them. Also Scooly, to whom I have proposed marriage no fewer than four times over the course of this collaboration."

Scooly would just like to say that this was the coolest fandom project she has taken part in so far.

There are three ways to read Machines of Freedom. First, it can be downloaded as a PDF, with both text and illustrations. To do so, click on the image below.

Second, if you've got a slow connection and want to minimize bandwidth, etc, you can download Amal's text as an RTF file here, and check out Scooly's illustrations separately, here.

Finally, the text is posted as as 12 separate posts on Amal's Livejournal, with thumbnails of and links to Scooly's illustrations.

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10
Chapter 11
Chapter 12

Author's Notes
Illustrator's Notes (at welost9minutes)

Machines of Freedom: The Soundtrack
mr. marconi is a donkeypalmaceae on March 19th, 2010 09:30 pm (UTC)
I think Chris Carter should just buy this story off of you and make it into the third film because honestly he's going to mess it up so badly, I can just tell. With your plot at least he'd have some hope :) Really enthralling read. Love how you dealt with William. He's so chill in the face of adversity.

Re: Monica and Casey, Monica's what, like 40+ and Casey's 26? I didn't think Monica was the type to go for someone so young?

I found it really interesting that M&S named their kid after Cassandra Spender, what was your reasoning behind that and the name Rose?

Also, kudos for not killing the story by explaining the time travel. The 'not explaining' is something XF did really well sometimes and you're following the tradition very well.
Amal Nahurriyeh: mof: csm!amalnahurriyeh on March 20th, 2010 05:01 am (UTC)
I would think filming this would be *hilarious.* And I love Will in this too!

As for Monica and Casey--well, Casey's lying about her age (she says she was born in '82, which would make her thirty), but it is a little bit of a stretch. Love conquers all, or something. (There's a Monica/Casey-centric sequel in the Caseyverse, if you're interested.)

For Cassandra, I actually chose it for the mythological connotations and the multiple abbreviations possibilities, and considered the Cassandra Spender angle later. I don't precisely have an answer on the question--might they have argued and argued and settled, and then realized the connection, but decided to keep it?

LOL@ your last sentence. XF canon is 95% handwaving, and I tried to keep that spirit alive.