Amal Nahurriyeh (amalnahurriyeh) wrote,
Amal Nahurriyeh

Ten Reasons You Should Participate in xf_santa This Year

1. Because I'm one of the mods, and you like me. (Not that I think my modding--which is really only going to take effect after my semester ends--is going to influence your experience of the event. But Still.)
2. Because presents are good. Everyone likes presents. Sign up, and you get presents.
3. Because the more awesome people who sign up, the more awesome presents are given, and then there is more awesomeness in the universe. Come on, awesome people.
4. Because, as great as it is that you're doing Yuletide, that's not gonna eat up 100% of your writing time between now and January, is it?
5. Because xf_santa is responsible for The Ledger, and for Pretend We're Married, and How A Resurrection Really Feels, and other truly remarkable things, and don't you want to make sure more truly remarkable things get made in our fandom?
6. Because the X-Files fandom is beginning to shrink back to the size it was before IWTB, and this is not acceptable to divas like me who came in at the height of movie euphoria, OK?
7. Because xf_santa is one of those things that makes us more like most other LJ-based fandoms, and helps cement us in people's minds not as a relic of the far-off days of atxc and plaintext, but keeps us a living, vibrant community that needs to be considered as a part of the landscape of contemporary fandom. YES, I'M A FANDOM ETHNONATIONALIST, SHUT UP.
8&9. I don't even have an eight and nine, Mulder. Four hundred and forty-six million dollars.
10. Because I told you to, OK?
Tags: because mommy amal told you to, xf_santa

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