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I'm an academic with a penchant for funny squiggly languages and incomprehensible Europeans, a New Yorker by transplant, raising a radical queer little family out here in the urban jungle. I think too much about how contemporary political and literary theory should influence my individual behavior, have at least one and a half degrees in women's studies (depends how you count), and have worked as both a Professional Feminist and a babysitter. Babysitting paid better.

My major fandom is The X-Files; I also have serious fannish leanings about Battlestar Galactica, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Doctor Who (new), and Dollhouse. I also watch Chuck and Fringe, but have yet to get into fandom for either. I'm not book fannish at the moment. Unless the Frankfurt School is a fandom. In which case, I'm all over that shit.

If I friended you and you're totally confused about who I am, it's because I've seen you being brilliant in some capacity in the fandom-o-sphere, and I want to sit quietly and listen to you be smart. Anyone can friend me who wants, though I like when folks say hi, since I'm kinda an attention whore. (SURPRISE.)

My fic is all here. If you're looking for Machines of Freedom, it's here. If you're looking for the Caseyverse stories (post-MoF), they're here.